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Vulvovaginal PRP Rejuvenation

Men are not responsible for the problem of Sexual Dysfunction that affects the sexual life, it was observed that females are equally responsible for Sexual Dysfunction. This problem can occur due to physical, psychological, hormonal and related changes. Other than these problems, aging factors are also responsible for sexual incompetencies. The stressful life of people decreases the testosterone, estrogen levels, chronic health conditions and vaginal dryness that are quite responsible for a number of sexual and vaginal abnormalities.

To protect the vaginal problems, Vulvovaginal PRP Rejuvenation becomes the best solution for the problem. Here the PRP therapy is being used by the doctors for the vaginal health.

What is Vaginal PRP Procedure?

Platelet-rich plasma vaginal therapy is one of the comprehensive, non-invasive medical treatments which enable the patient to improve the sexual performance of women. The therapy improves the desire and pleasure in women. Experienced and administered by a licensed physician is being trained in platelet-rich plasma injection therapies. Therefore, it is important for patients to consult an experienced doctor for the entire process.

How does PRP Injection work?

Although Vaginal PRP is used to treat the urinary incontinence and overactive bladders, it is also being used for sexual dysfunction treatment. As these problems are mostly faced by similar age group of ladies, therefore, vaginal PRP procedure is being practiced by the licensed doctor who injects the Plasma Rich in Platelets into the upper wall of vagina and clitoris which helps to increase the rate of collagen and elastin production. Both these natural proteins enable the patient to repair and rejuvenate the lining.

What is involved in the procedure?

The platelet-rich plasma is one of the high concentrations of bioactive proteins and platelets, It causes the release of growth factors that promote collagen and elastin formation.

Is it the painful treatment?

The doctors make sure that the treatment is painless and therefore they use light sedation that helps the patient,not to feel any kind of discomfort during the entire process.

How long does the procedure take?

The entire process right from blood collection to the processing and reinjection of the treatment, it takes approximately an hour.

How often do I need to have the treatment?

As PRP is one of the temporary treatments, so the entire procedure perform brilliantly till 14 months and afterward the same procedure is required.

Vulvovaginal PRP Therapy Gurgaon