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Preconception Counseling

It is a measure to improve the outcome of the pregnancy i.e. Healthy mother and healthy baby.

Though not common , but it plays a very important role for the upcoming pregnancy.

When is the right time to do it?

  1. During routine health check
  2. Pre-marital and pre-family planning
  3. After negative pregnancy test
  4. Pre-appointment check
  5. After abortion or termination of pregnancy

It is done to asses any risk , and if needed medical intervention is given , if needed psychosocial support is given.

It consist of :

Best Preconception/Pre-Natal Counseling in Gurgaon
  1. Nutritional
  2. Folic acid supplements
  3. Exercises
  4. Medical condition
  5. Genetic counselling
  6. Immunisation
  7. Lifestyle changes
  8. Screening of vaginal infection

So, this is something which will help you in all the best possible way before you conceive .

In Gurgaon Dr.Garima provides her best counselling session to all would be mothers /would be parents , which helps you reaching the best during and after your pregnancy.

Best Preconception/Pre-Natal/ Pre-Marital Pregnancy Counseling in Gurgaon

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Best Preconception/Pre-Natal Counseling


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