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Laser Anal Bleaching

To get a fairer or similar skin tone at anal, a number of treatments have emerged in the recent years but half of them are failed to provide a good result or provide the best solution in the intimate issue. According to the doctors, it has been identified that topical chemicals are being previously used for anal bleaching but the result that came along with some other consequences are temporary. As the skin area is very sensitive therefore a number of complications occur by applying the chemical agents. Therefore, the doctors have decided to come up with some new innovation for the same procedure. Hence they have emerged with the laser anal bleaching technology that will bring end result to the patient, which will remain permanent.

In the cases of middle-eastern ladies or Mediterranean, the doctor prefers using the laser technology for anal bleaching because the darker genitals are occurred due to hormonal changes, post-childbirth, hereditary genes, aging factor or bacterial infection where the darker pigmentation become worsen with the hormonal changes, childbirth, and age.

The time required for this treatment is approx. 1 hour. Before starting the treatment, the doctor give local anesthesia and then completes the treatment. The recovery time of the treatment is 1-2 weeks and its success rate is very high. So, women who are looking for such treatment must understand its all aspects so that you can prepare yourself mentally for the treatment.

Who is Eligible for the Treatment?

  1. Women and their partners who face frustration or lack of sexual arousal due to this darker pigmentation, they are eligible for this treatment.
  2. Women who want their physical appearance more attractive are eligible for this treatment.
  3. Women who are ashamed of this darker pigmentation.
  4. You belong to an ethnic group who genetically have darker skin.

Treatment Procedure

The procedure is quite simple and it doesn’t take more than one hour. In this treatment patient needs to put the focus on some of the things to be followed before the treatment such as follows:

  • No waxing, tanning, or shaving of the area for 3 days before treatment
  • It is recommended to use anti-bacterial lotion before coming to surgery
  • Doctors will apply local anesthetic topical cream to remove burning sensation and the painful sensation caused by the laser
  • In order to deplete the darker layer of the skin, the laser beam will be applied to the vulvovaginal, anal and perineal area.
  • The operation is carried out of the modern laser technology so there is no such point of fear.
  • There are one to three sessions are required for satisfactory results.
  • Once the procedure gets done completely then disinfectant is applied and medical underwear is to be worn over the area.

Treatment Recovery

For a speedy recovery, women need to put the focus on some of the precautionary guidelines such as follows:

  • The genital area is required to be kept clean and dry for first 2-4 days. An antibiotic course is prescribed along with the topical creams.
  • Physical sports activities can be continued after 10 days of surgery.
  • Patients can take antibiotics to avoid the burning or irritation sensation.
  • It is important to ensure that the genital area is clean and hygienic which helps the patient to have a speedy recovery.

Treatment Result

The treatment of anal bleaching is 95% successful and satisfactory, however, it can be checked after 2 weeks of surgery. A check-up is required after 2 weeks in which the doctors will see the medical condition of the genital health and provide rest of the suitable medication if required. The treatment is permanent in nature in comparison to bleaching and whitening cream.

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