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What is G – Spot?

About 2 inches in the vagina, there is a G Spot located on the anterior (front)wall of the vagina. It is a tissue which is a little thicker and quite sensitive while touching it. When inserting 2 fingers inside the vagina and pressing the vaginal tissue towards the skin with other hand and press it down on the skin above pubic bone then the woman will feel a great sensation and it is known as G Spot.

What is the G Spot Enhancement?

The G Spot enhancement is a procedure which is intended to increase the sexual pleasure and make normal sexual function. The procedure enables the G spot to achieve the orgasm with fewer efforts and problems, which eventually bring direct stimulation, more intense and deeper orgasm. The procedure increases the size and sensitivity of the G Spot.

G spot enhancement is also known as G shot and G spot augmentation. After G spot enhancement, women notice that it becomes more sensitive, fulfilling, easier, frequent and more intense. G spot enhancement enables a woman to achieve deep vaginal orgasms and becomes aware of elusive G spot. It is a safe, quick and effective way to enhance the sexual life and satisfaction.

What is Used for the Procedure?

Fillers are being used by the doctors to plump up the G spot as like other body parts such as face and lips. The fillers that doctors use are for cosmetic improvements and they do not give any kind of allergy reaction. They are safe and cause no reaction.

Does the Procedure Hurt?

Well, the procedure is completely painless and it has no downtime, in fact, women can resume sex on the same day. On the other hand, the procedure takes approx.. an hour.

Women who are looking for such procedure to be done, they must visit Doctor Garima Sahney’s clinic where she makes sure to diagnose the current medical condition of the body and accordingly proceed with rest of the processes.