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GOD’S LAB TO HUMAN’S LAB....when natural procedure fails then artificial one comes in, which is termed as IUI- INTRAUTERINE INSEMINATION.

IUI is an artificial means of insemination

Procreation is an integral part of human life. Becoming parent is the most beautiful experience which everyone wants to go through it .Ironically for some couples it is not at all a smooth sail. They face tough time in conceiving baby. There they need a medical intervention. Modern medicine, medical science and advanced treatment proved to be a boon for patients suffering from reproductive diseases .Infertility is one of them.

Many factors have affected the fertility of male and female

  • Males: zero or less sperm counts, Low sperm motility, Sexual dysfunction,
  • Females: Poor quality of eggs Endometriosis, Unreceptive cervical condition.

Artificial insemination /IUI are effective treatment for patient with

  • Open Fallopian tubes,
  • Cervical factor as abnormalities in cervical mucus,
  • Irregular periods, PCOS,
  • Mild or stage I and 2 endometriosis,
  • zero sperm count,
  • Same sex couples with donor sperms

Females with above medical conditions are recommended to seek IUI treatment. This is quick and painless procedure which is done in 5 to 45 minutes. Doctor inserts sperms directly into the uterus through cervix with the help of syringe or catheter during ovulation. In many cases before this procedure doctor puts the patient on fertility drugs which helps the body to ovulate multiple eggs .Sperms may be donated or harvested from their partner. These high quality sperms are washed before insertion to avoid further infection or complications in uterus. Sperms are treated with chemicals so sperm washing is essential .Once the sperms are inserted in uterus, sperms are pushed towards eggs to fertilize. Fertilized egg implants in the lining of uterus and pregnancy is confirmed.

In IUI, about 60% to 70% have achieved pregnancy after six cycles.

Life can evolve in human labs too amidst test tubes, needles and incubators...simply magical. Thanks to the medical science.

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